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Frequently Asked Questions



What is reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, but powerful, ancient Japanese energy healing technique. Reiki induces a deep state of relaxation that activates the body’s own powerful self-healing mechanism. As a holistic modality, it balances all the energy centers in the body, causing detoxification, release, and alignment. Reiki has been proven to treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions (see 'Does Reiki Really Work' below to read the results of research and studies on reiki). In addition, reiki raises a person’s energetic vibrational frequency which can cause positive shifts in one’s life, state, and being.

What does the word 'reiki' mean?

The word ‘Reiki’ is often loosely translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy.’  However, ‘Reiki’ is the combination of two Japanese words; Rei and Ki.  In the Japanese language, these words have more than one meaning, and the meaning varies according to context. When used together, Rei means 'the Higher power that guides the inherent functioning of the universe, and all living and non-living things.' Ki means 'the life energy that flows through all living things.' 

How does reiki work?

Life-force energy flows through pathways in our physical body, and around us in a field of energy.

This energy element gives vitality to our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual make-up; enabling optimal health and equilibrium. If this energy flow becomes disrupted, it affects our vital functioning and usually manifests in a multitude of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual conditions. This usually leaves us feeling weak, vulnerable, and prone to stress.

When this life energy is high, it provides vitality to the organs and cells, keeps the immune and nervous system strong, and makes us feel energized and positive. This results in having optimal health, feeling stronger, more centered, and happier. When this energy is low, one will feel weak, and more prone to illness and stress. Reiki increases this life energy.

Does reiki really work?

Due in large part to our current medical model having an atomistic approach, and exclusively focusing on the physical body, little research is done on holistic modalities, such as reiki. However, the research that has been conducted has given remarkably significant results.

A few examples include:

In 2008 stressed-out lab rats were given reiki treatments. All were found to have significantly reduced stress, anxiety, and depression responses. “Sham” reiki treatments were also given to another placebo group of which no reduction of symptoms was found.

In 2006, reiki and placebo reiki treatments were given to hospital patients in pain. The actual reiki patients all experienced moderate to strong reduction in their levels of pain. The placebo patients did not.

New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Campus, performed a study to determine the effectiveness of reiki on the autonomic nervous system. Three groups were formed, one was given a reiki treatment, one was a sham (i.e. they were told they were receiving a reiki treatment but were not), and a control group. Lower blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration were found in the reiki treatment group exclusively.

As a result of the strong growing evidence in support of the effectiveness of reiki, a growing number of over 800 hospitals in North America now offer reiki education for purposes of healing and pain management.

Aside from the controlled studies, I have myself experienced the transformational and healing power of reiki. I have also had the blessing of witnessing it in my clients, as well as meeting others who have experienced its positive effects.

To read about other studies performed, visit:

Is reiki associated with a religion?

Reiki is not associated with any religion, nor does it teach any form of belief system. Consequently, reiki does not interfere with any religious or spiritual beliefs a person may have. Reiki is a healing technique, just like massage, and has no more association to anything religious than massage, or other healing modalities.

How do I know if reiki is right for me?

There isn’t a living creature that can’t benefit from reiki. Reiki never causes harm. It is risk- free, non-invasive, and does not interfere with medications, implants, or medical equipment. It also doesn't require touch, so is suitable for people who are in pain or are uncomfortable with physical contact. A holistic modality, it can strengthen a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. At the same time, reducing stress, inducing relaxation, and raising one’s vibratory frequency; enabling an overall sense of well-being and positivity.  Therefore, irrespective of what you’re seeking, there is always enhanced well-being after a reiki session.

What is reiki used for?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a reiki session irrespective of their current state of health, or how they are feeling. Reiki usually leaves a person feeling very relaxed, de-stressed, grounded, and balanced; it is a wonderful form of self-care.

Reiki is whole-body healing and has been found to be effective in addressing various issues of the mind, body, and spirit, even sometimes targeting underlying issues that were unknown. Pain is often found to be significantly reduced and the healing process accelerated.

Some examples that people have found reiki to help with are:


  • Stress, depression, and anxiety

  • Past emotional trauma

  • Chronic illness


  • Pre-surgery relaxation, post-surgery recovery

  • Side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and Rx Meds

  • Mental blocks

  • Cognitive clarity for Alzheimer’s and dementia

  • Lack of intuition, clarity, or spiritual connection

  • Low energy vibration


What does a typical remote session look like? 

Prior to the session, the client will be advised on how they can cleanse the energy in their space and make it relaxing, though nothing is specifically required. The session begins on the phone with a consultation so that the session can be tailored according to the clients needs and preferences, and so that any issues are addressed. Other holistic recommendations may be made if known to be beneficial.  Then there is an optional guided meditation. Client and practitioner then hang up. The client relaxes, while the practitioner sends the reiki. All the same feelings and sensations are experienced as in an in-person session, and clients often know exactly when the session has finished or even where the practitioner is focusing the energy on the body. In order to allow the recipient to continue to relax, the practitioner will simply send a text to the client to give notice of the end of the session and inform of details of any imbalances that were detected or anything intuitively detected. Later the client and practitioner usually discuss the session in more detail, though this is optional. 


What does a typical in-person session look like?

Sessions take place in a comfortable and safe, spa-like setting.

Sessions are individually tailored to the needs of the client. Therefore, the session begins with a short consultation between practitioner and client, to inform the practitioner which particular areas require focus and also to check-in on any questions/concerns the client may have.  After this, the client will lie down*, fully clothed, on a massage table. The practitioner will guide the client through a brief meditation to help them relax and release any tension. From hereon, the client remains lying with their eyes closed. The practitioner scans the energy body for imbalances, cleanses the current energy, and then infuses reiki energy by placing their hands just above the client in various positions of the body. All of this is done without any physical touch or with an occasional appropriate light touch, depending on the client’s preference. The practitioner will notify the client when the session is concluded. The client and practitioner will usually end the session by sharing their experiences of the treatment.

At the discretion of the client, soothing music, natural essential oils, and crystals are used to complement the experience.


* The session can take place with the client sitting if preferred.

What does reiki feel like?

The experience of reiki is subjective and changeable. However, it is common for people to feel a deep sense of relaxation and comfort. Often people will feel a sleep-like meditative state, or even fall asleep. Some additional typical sensations are feeling a gentle heat or coolness emanating from the practitioner’s hands, movement of energy within the body, tingling, emotional release, release of stress, and the feeling of a burden being lifted. Deeper experiences are often experienced with the progression of sessions as blockages are eliminated and the energy is able to go deeper. Post-session, clients tend to feel lighter, more balanced, aligned, full with positive energy, and report a general sense of renewal. It is also common to experience a deeper sleep the night of the appointment. Different experiences can continue to unfold up to 48 hours after the appointment, as reiki continues to work for this duration.

It's important to understand that the feelings and symptoms experienced in or after the session are not indicative of the beneficial effects of reiki. Reiki heals irrespective of what you feel.

How much does a session cost?

Prices vary from $40-$120 depending on the type of treatment you choose. Discount is given when purchasing more than one session.

Which treatment should I book?

The best treatment for an individual will vary from person to person depending on one’s needs and expectations. The Standard Treatment is the most common and is a good place to start. However, if you wish to target a specific concern, or desire a more intensified healing, call for a free phone consultation to determine the best treatment for you: 470 233 9827

You can also read more about the different treatments offered (click on the treatment to read the specifications of what it entails), at:

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive an email informing you of how to best prepare. There is nothing that you have to do, however, there are a few simple steps you can take to optimize your results. These include:

  • Getting mentally clear on what your intentions for your reiki session are. It is best if you can pinpoint three most essential to you. Journaling about them can help this process.

  • Hydrate well by drinking plenty of water 24 hours prior,

  • Avoid alcohol 24-48 hours prior,

  • Avoid caffeine the day of the appointment,

  • Avoid a heavy meal before the appointment,

  • Get plenty of rest the night before,

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and warm; and

  • Come open and receptive   

Do I need to do anything after my appointment?

Reiki continues to work 24-48 hours after the session. Therefore, for optimal results, continue to hydrate well and get sufficient rest. It is also highly recommended to take an Epsom salt bath the night of your appointment and it can be beneficial to journal about your session and the results you experience.

Can I learn reiki?

To be a reiki practitioner you must receive an attunement of the reiki energy, given by a Reiki Master. Whole Healing Reiki offers reiki classes where the attunements are given, and the theory and practice of reiki is taught. There are three levels of reiki which are always taught in progression. Currently, levels one and two are being offered.

After completing a reiki class, you will be able to perform self-treatments, as well as treat others, including animals. This is an invaluable tool that remains with you for life.


Can reiki help my child?

Yes! Reiki is beneficial to all. It is non-invasive and carries no potential for harm. Therefore children can benefit from reiki, just as anyone else. In fact, Whole Healing Reiki offers sessions especially designed for children. Children's sessions are shorter in duration, as children tend to be more receptive and so less time is required.  

Can reiki be used to help my pets?  

Yes! Reiki works very well on any kind of animal and is ideal as it is non-invasive, doesn’t require touch, and induces calm. Reiki can be used to help treat a specific injury or condition, to reduce anxiety, or to promote general health and well-being in your furry/feathered/scaly friend.

Can I hire you to do reiki at my retreat/spa/party/convention?

Yes! Whole Healing Reiki can facilitate reiki sessions, classes, and/or educational talks at your event.

Please call: 470 233 9827 or email: to enquire about available times and current costs. 


Your question not answered?

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